Jacques & Rebekah



About Jacques Abreu

- the Author

Wings. Having a passport before license brought me to six out of the seven continents before age 25. I experienced many cultures at a young age and learned to appreciate different perspectives.

Pain. I am not exempt from pain by any means. My wife and I lost a baby, I've experienced shame, I've gone through seven church splits, and watched too many close loved ones die.

Education. I graduated from Pequea Valley High School in 2003, and continued my education with the International College of Bible Theology, and the Midwest seminary leading to a double doctorate. I've learned more about life by living it than by studying it; hence birthed this book.    

About Rebekah 

-The purpose of this book!

My Wife Rebekah. Pursuer of inner beauty. Graduated from Masters Commission, the Lancaster School Of Cosmetology as a licensed Esthetician, and 2018 currently is going back to the same school to get her Cosmetology license. Proceeds from this book will go toward Rebekah's education. 

Love. I'm married to my favorite person on the earth! We are truly in love, and going on seven years of marriage. Home is a safe peaceful place, and coffee the centerpiece of conversation for most mornings.